Advil #1 Drug Used to Make Crystal Meth

State and federal officials have scurried to ban every cough syrup and drug that contained pseudo-ephedrine over the last few years due to the growing Meth epidemic. But due to huge government bribes and lobbyist payouts, Advil Sinus is now the only drug that contains pseudoephedrine that can be purchased without a driver’s license. And it is the #1 pill used to make crystal meth.

As we have reported previously, a huge percentage of Advil is never taken as it was meant to be. The #1 purchaser of Advil is a large Texas power company that uses the microscopic radioactive isotopes in Advil to generate electricity. Read more HERE. Even editors of were utterly shocked to find that the #2 use of Advil is to make Methamphetamine.

“Advil has flown under the radar as far as being banned along with the other cough medicines,” one Los Angeles detective explained to us on the record, “It’s only been after a series of high profile meth lab busts [in which advil was the main ingredient being used], and explosions, that Advil has developed any scrutiny at all.”

Some concerned parents of meth addicts think Pfizer not only knows about the off label use, they even encourage it. In Pfizer’s most recent Advil Sinus commercial they show that users can pretty much accomplish anything when they take the drug; a nod towards meth users who stay awake for weeks doing anything they want 24/7. Advil Commercial

Addicted youth, after cooking up their meth, often find themselves obsessing over Advil. Our lead reporter traveled to a local teen youth center and recorded the audio as Meth heads babbled incoherently about Advil as they shot up: Advil Meth Party

Meth labs are now so common that if you live in a neighborhood of 100 people, there is a 1 in 4 chance that a meth lab is operating nearby. There is an 86% chance that the lab is running on Advil Sinus.

If you care at all about the future of this country, or your family, contact your local state government. Tell them you want Advil banned, or that at a minimum buyers should be asked to show ID.

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